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Around Lone Pine Village

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To live in the Columbia River Gorge is to transcend the expectations most people have as to what their home and lifestyle can be. Owning waterfront real estate alongside the Columbia is more than a home with a great view – it’s a portal to a life of adventure, community and relaxation. Whether you’re aspiring to buy a new family home, purchase vacation real estate or find the perfect place for retirement, Lone Pine Village has much to offer.
Every recreational outdoor activity imaginable is easily accessible from the waterfront homes at Lone Pine Village. Whether you are an avid boater, angler, hiker, biker, skier or golfer, the Columbia Gorge is a haven for some of the nation’s best outdoor sports. And outdoor adventure sports aren’t the only way to get the blood pumping. Whether strolling through one of the many celebrated vineyards in the area, taking a leisurely hike along the riverfront trail, there are many ways to enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine The Dalles sees each year.
Evenings along the Gorge offer plenty of opportunity as well. You’ll find frequent art exhibits, wine tastings, live music and other special social events going on in The Dalles and nearby Hood River. Portland is also only a short hours drive away, and can be easily accessed for an evening’s dinner, performance or athletic event.
The village area itself makes getting day-to-day items such as coffee and meals as easy as walking to the end of the block. Within the village you’ll also find a restaurant, spa, and other social places that foster the sense of community within the neighborhood. You may meet fellow neighbors who share similar passions to your own. No matter if you’re looking for a wonderful place to get away or for the perfect place to retire, purchasing waterfront real estate at Lone Pine Village is the first page to a very happy story.