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Portland, Oregon

An hour to the west of The Dalles and Lone Pine Village, near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers is Portland, Oregon. (With an estimated population of 568,380 – 2 million in the Portland MSA) – it is Oregon’s most populous city. It has been referred to as the greenest city in the United States, and has been well recognized for its strong land-use planning and public transit system. And it makes a great and easy daytrip or weekend destination from a home by the waterside at Lone Pine Village.

It is a city like no other – diverse, eclectic, artistic, progressive yet loose. It is a town that has as much appreciation for a good time as it does for the arts. Each part of town has a feel of its own, as do the businesses and establishments within them. Portland has in recent years garnered national acclaim for its burgeoning restaurant scene; diverse and widespread influences have yielded some of the most original cuisine offerings to be found in the entire country.

Art galleries thrive throughout downtown and the Pearl District, and the Portland Art Museum owns the city’s largest collection and is among the 25 largest museums in the United States. Beautifully landscaped parks can be found in abundance the city, as can all varieties of gardens: some that wind through display kaleidoscopic displays of rhododendron and azalea, other that replicate gardens from ancient Far Eastern dynasties.

Portland traditionally sees warm summers and temperate but rainy winters. The entire region takes on the verdant richness of a tropical rain forest. Due to its ideal climate and Portland's abundant gardens, the city has long been known as "The City of Roses".

Most prominent among its many gardens is the International Rose Test Garden that overlooks downtown. 

Another Rose Garden plays a different role in the town: hosting the NBA's Portland Trailblazers, as well as the national bands and performing acts that come to play the City of Roses on an almost nightly basis. Recreation is never hard to come by here; the city’s many unique and eclectic attractions have something for everyone – a certain boon for many residents considering the 155-day average for measurable precipitation each year. Of course, for a real estate owner in The Dalles, the city life is always within easy reach, as are the sunny skies upon your return home.