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New Amenities for The Dalles

September will be a busy month in The Dalles with three long awaited projects finally being opened to the public – new commercial/recreational docks at the marina, The Lewis and Clark Festival Area, and the re-opening of the now improved Dalles Dam visitor tours.

The City of The Dalles will be holding a dedication ceremony on September 6, at 10 a.m. at the new docks, which will be attended by tribal leaders and representation from local, state and federal governments. Then in mid-September, The Dalles will see its first cruise line ship, from the Linblad Expeditions, stopping at the docks allowing passengers to step off and explore The Dalles or to be met by buses to take them to nearby places of interest. Along with the expanded tourism, wine makers will now have the opportunity to ship their barrels of wine to other ports due to a jib crane located on the commercial dock which is used to offload or load pallets of light freight.

Walking from the new docks towards The Dalles, the new Lewis and Clark Festival Park comes into view. The city has planned for many years to reconnect the downtown shopping area of The Dalles, with its riverfront, which was cut off back when Interstate 84 was originally built. Vendors and festival goers alike will find the new festival park a great amenity; it is beautifully landscaped and contains public restrooms, a multi-purpose staging area, picnicking areas and also has power and water connectivity for specific events which will be held there.

The Dalles Dam, which has been off-limits to the public since September 11, is starting back up the dam tours. Two new 15 passenger electric shuttles have been purchased to transport visitors from the visitor center to parts of the dam with the tentative tour days being Friday to Sunday, which will run until the end of September. During the off-season the shuttles will be made available to tour boat operators so passengers will have the opportunity to be shuttled to local sites, shops and restaurants.

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